Frequently Asked Questions
Last updated 2/10/2005

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service based on a co-operative arrangement among libraries which allows them to acquire material for their users that is unavailable at their local library. In some cases, interlibrary loan material is requested from fee-based document suppliers. The conditions of the service are set by National and International Interlibrary Loan Codes, Copyright Laws, and regulations of state, regional, network, and consortia’s.

Who can use Interlibrary Loan?

UMR students currently enrolled, faculty, staff and their dependents to include distance learners and remote workers. Users must present their UMR I.D when picking up material. Users who want to allow others to pickup their material, must list their names under “Authorized Users” on the users ILLiad Account. Users must have no outstanding library fines or fees that would prohibit the use of ILL services.

What items CANNOT be borrowed through interlibrary loan?

Items owned by the UMR Library or available full-text on-line.
Books available in the MERLIN or MOBIUS Consortium Library Catalogues.
Books ordered to be placed on reserve.
Periodicals: bound/unbound volumes.
Reference Books
Rare Books

Is there a limit on the number of ILL requests I can submit?

UMR students, faculty, staff, and their dependents cannot have more than 25 active requests without special permission.

How much does this cost? Are there any penalties or fines?

In most cases the library absorbs the costs associated with borrowing requested material.

ILL services for UMR faculty, students, staff, and their dependents are free; except for copies of dissertations/thesis. If the user is required to pay, ILL staff will inform user of cost before submitting the requests.

RUSH SERVICES: There will be a fee of $5.00 for each filled rush request. All fines and fees must be paid to interlibrary loan staff ONLY; Monday-Friday, 8-5.

OVERDUE CHARGES: Patrons may incur an overdue fine of .50 cents per day. Overdue charges imposed by the lending library must be paid for by the patron. All fines and fees must be paid to interlibrary loan staff ONLY, Monday-Friday, 8-5.

How long will it take to arrive? Can I get a rush request?

Most articles arrive within 1-3 days from the time a request is submitted. Most books arrive within 5-7 days from the time a request is submitted.

RUSH requests are accepted. Each rush request will cost $5.00. All fees and fines must be paid to Interlibrary Loan Staff ONLY; Monday-Friday, 8 – 5.

Where do I pick up/return ILL materials?

Most articles will be delivered electronically to the users. Books and some articles will need to be picked up. Users will be notified by email when their material has arrived. Articles are generally for the user to keep. Returnable items must be returned to the UMR library by the due date given. Overdue material affects the borrowing privileges of all users.

How do I check on the status of my ILL request?

Users can check on the status of their ILL requests by logging into ILLiad and clicking on the “Review/Modify Outstanding Requests” button. Patrons are notified by email when their material arrive.

Can I cancel an ILL request I’ve already made?

All ILL requests that have not been ordered by ILL staff can be cancelled. Log onto ILLiad and click on the “View/Modify Outstanding Requests” button to cancel a request.

How long will I be able to keep borrowed materials?

All ILL material must be returned to the UMR Library by the due-date printed on the book-band. The due-date is determined by the lending library. If you need a renewal, log onto ILLiad and click on the “View/Renew Checked-Out Items” button.

Are there any restrictions on the use of ILL materials?

Restrictions will generally be on the book-band of the item requested. Copyright codes will be attached to each photocopy. Users are to handle older and fragile material with care and if requested DO NOT photocopy or if damage to the material is possible.

How will I know when my ILL materials have arrived?

Patrons will be notified by email when their requests arrive.

What if I lose/damage an interlibrary loan book?

If you damage an interlibrary loan book, please contact the ILL staff and inform them or put a note in the book when you return it. If you think you have lost an ILL book, call the ILL department and let the ILL staff know. The cost of a lost or damaged book is determined by the lending library.

Can I get a renewal?

Renewals are granted by the lending library ONLY. A maximum of two renewals may be requested for each loan. If the lending library grants a renewal the ILL staff will change the due date on your ILLiad record.

What if my book is recalled?

The lending library reserves the right to recall their material at any time. Recalled items must be returned to the interlibrary loan or circulation desk immediately.

What if I am a Distance Ed Student and need something on Reserve?

If you are a distance ed student you will have access to electronic reserve materials at UMR. If you have problems logging onto electronic reserves, please contact the Reference Desk at (573) 341-4007.